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doggbreath's Journal

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In April 2003 I started working as an animal control officer, and since then, the job has taken over my life. It's pretty much all I write about in this journal. I just find it so all-fired fascinating, I can't stop talking or thinking about it. I've bored all my friends and family into a state of coma with my single-subject conversation, so now I'll do the same to you, the gentle readers of the LiveJournal community.

accordians, aldo leopold, andy goldsworthy, animal control, animal control officers, animal issues, animal planet, animal rescue, animal shelters, animal welfare, anosmia, arctic terns, avacados, bagpipes, being a grown-up, big bluestem, bill monroe, bluegrass, blues, bob dylan, buckminster fuller, buddhism, buffalo, buster keaton, canaan dogs, captain joshua slocum, carolina dogs, cats, cetaceans, chicago, chipmunks, classical music, claude monet, compassion, creation, dalai lama, del mccoury band, dingoes, dingos, dinosaurs, douglas adams, ducks, eagles, ecology, edward gorey, einstein, energy, exploration, figs, folk music, frank lloyd wright, geese, geography, georgia o'keefe, great lakes, gregory colbert, hawaiian slack key guitar, henry david thoreau, hubble space photos, internet, ira glass, j.r.r. tolkien, jacques cousteau, jane addams, john muir, judaism, justice, kites, law enforcement, life, lions, magic, mahatma gandhi, maltese falcon, mandolin, mandolin music, mandolins, mark twain, martin luther king jr., marx brothers, maturity, meditation, metaphysics, molly ivins, monty python, moving, mushrooms, mysticism, nature, northern exposure, odd music, odilon redon, olives, opossums, oranges, origami, pandas, pariah dogs, peace, pet overpopulation, pete fenson, pets, phillip glass, philosophy, politics, prairie home companion, prairies, public libraries, public radio, raccoons, rachel carson, radim zenkl, ramen, rocky horror picture show, sam bush, saving the world, science fiction, sea stories, six feet under, skunks, sodaplay, spirituality, squirrels, steve buscemi, striving, susan b. anthony, sylvia, talking heads, the mandolin, the roches, the sun magazine, the universe, this american life, thomas merton, tigers, trees, urban wildlife, vegetarianism, vincent van gogh, volunteering, volunteerism, walking, whales, whooping cranes, wildlife management, wine, wizard of oz, wolves, writing, zaphod beeblebrox